Jacksonville Lift Kits

Get Fitted With The Right Lift For Your Truck

If you’re in the market for a quality and affordable lift kit in Jacksonville, FL GW Offroad is your go-to truck shop. From leveling kits to level out your truck or Jeep, to lift kits that allow you to add aftermarket wheels and tires, we’ve got the products for you. Both options allow you to upgrade your vehicle’s off-road performance and give it that killer stance that is guaranteed to turn heads both on and off the trail. We’ll work with you to match your made and model with the perfect lift kit. We have a wide variety of options available for you depending on your needs and wants. Whether you’re looking to take your vehicle offroad or just like the stance of a lifted truck, we’ll get you matched up to the best lift kits on the market.

Below are some of the major brands we work with. If you have a particular brand in mind and don’t see it listed below, don’t worry, give us a call and we’ll work on getting the brand you want and need.


Rough Country


Pro Comp


Tuff Country

What’s The Difference Between a Lift Kit and Leveling Kit?

We get this question quite often so wanted to help educate our customers on the difference between a lift kit and a leveling kit. As always, if you can’t decide which is better for your needs, give us a call and one of our truck experts will walk you through the pro’s and con’s of each so we can get you with the right setup!

Leveling Kits

  • Designed to level out your truck. Stock trucks will have a higher rear to compensate for additional weight in rear
  • Allows for larger aftermarket tires and wheels
  • More affordable than a full lift kit
  • Geared more towards those who aren’t looking to do a lot of offroading

Lift Kits

  • Designed to lift both the front and rear of your truck anywhere from 2″ to over 10″
  • Allows for even larger aftermarket tires and wheels
  • Gives you more flexibility to achieve the results you’re looking for
  • Geared more towards those who are looking to do a lot of offroading

Both leveling kits and lift kits can be a great investment for your vehicle, but choosing between the two usually comes down to how you plan on using your vehicle. If you plan on crawling over large rock formations, cruising over dirt mounds, and tackling all kinds of outdoor challenges, you could probably use the extra height that you’d get from a lift kit. While a leveling kit raises the front of your vehicle, it may not provide enough ground clearance when you’re going off-road.

If you’re not a serious mudslinger or going off-road every chance you get, but you’d like a little extra room for larger tires and you’ve been known to do some winching, you’re better off with a leveling kit. Give us a call today and we’ll help you decide what’s best for you and your truck.